• Léllo

    I am ★•({Ükåîñë})•★

    Gender: FEMALE

    Sexuality: Bisexual

    Leader of the Fluffy clouds!

    Leader of the Oreo's!

    Leader of the Marshmallows!

    Leader of the Galaxy!

    Leader of the Bubble Tea!

    Leader of the Storm Wolves!

    Leader of the Paper Bags!

    Leader of the Cardboard Box's

    Leader of this Account!

    Species: galaxy wolf

    【God of all/shapeshifter】

    I am the galaxy and Gianna is my moon and she means
    the world to me!

    My children are the stars!

    Moonlight is the moon!

    Waifu: ☆~ᏩᏆᎪNNᎪ~☆

    Senpai: ☆~ᏩᏆᎪNNᎪ~☆

    Crush: ☆~ᏩᏆᎪNNᎪ~☆


    Lé friends: all lé followers

    Best Lé friends: lunar eclipse, December, sleepy KinQ, Haruto-San, rainby the berrycat, Kawaii Rainbow Rush, gunner, Felina, frappe, Approx, Pink Pya, Lunar The Fox , Gannon, Finch, Bramble Leaf, Liza A Liza, Susie, Lovate & Midnight Cat

    Lé family:
    Gianna (waifu)
    Lovate (sister)
    Mang (daughter)
    Lexi (daughter)
    Gannon (brother)
    Moonlight (lunar eclipse) (moon child)
    Spark (sister)
    Ferra (cousin)
    Liza A Liza (star child)
    $leepy KinQ (brother)
    Haruto- San (brother)
    Susie (sister)
    Fireball (brother)
    Snowball (fireball bf)
    Bon bon (sister)
    Watercup (Bon bon bf)
    Bubble (sister)
    Ice (Bubble bf)
    Storm (sister)
    Candy (child in law)
    Button (sister)
    Walter (Button bf)
    Feather (sister)
    Tweetie (Feather bf)
    Rainby the berrycat
    (sister in law)
    Icing Crystal (sister in law)
    Melody (sister in law)
    Autumn (sister in law)
    Mini Chan (sister in law)
    Approx (niece)
    Lunar The Fox (niece)

    ◎ Im a meme ◎

    ◎ A dank meme ◎

    ◎ Furry ◎

    ◎ Furryshit ◎

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