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  • Hullo!
    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    Matt on Matt Action (it’s a joke ack xD)
    WARNING: I’m a bit sinful and I make edgy posts, don’t judge xD
    EyelessJackie Chan
    Hanayu Chan
    Wooolioo Kun (help xd)
    Nerdy Chan
    Lenny Liza
    Foggi Chan
    Kingston Kun (jeez xD)
    Toka Chan
    May Chan
    Shade Kun (xD)
    Shadows Chan
    Fluffy Kun (okie I need to stop xD)
    Rin?????idk …
    Tatsunori(I miss you ;-;) Chan
    Monster Chan/Kun? (Idk their true gender xD)
    **Chan and Kun inspired by Lenny Liza(Liza A Liza, Go fukin follow her :^)
    ~and more!~

    Idk what to put,
    My wife is Nerdy
    My children are Caramel, Wooolioo, Cecil?,and Jayden
    I love my family very much! ^^
    I love my followers and friends that helped me get through the challenges here ^^

    Some OCs:
    Magic(me): Main And With Nerdy(married)
    Sobi: Crushing on Cloud
    Flow: with Melt
    Radioactive: With Toxic
    Donna: With Sardon(married)
    Dawn: With Bow
    Ron: ???
    Josh: Already in love with Lucas
    Spill: Crushing on Rain
    Taylor: With Lucas (another Lucas not Josh’s)
    Green-Yellow: Definitely with Red-Orange
    Rachel: ???
    Dev: Crushing on Pent a bit
    Justin: with Neko ;’3
    O.Justin: Crushing on Chrissy :’3
    More peepz

    User inspired by Jackie(pssttt follow her)

    “Everyone ish ma chald”

    The Wise Autocorrect xD
    “auto cucumber”- Shade
    “Tomorrow And tord” - Melody

    What the fuk ish I doing?<

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