ꎇꂦꊼꊼꂦ꓄ꃅꍟꎇꍟꈤꈤꍟꉓꎇꂦꊼ ᖴEEᒪIᑎG: bored


  • ꃅꍟ꒒꒒ꂦ!
    I'ᗰ ᗪEᑭᖇEᔕᔕEᗪ
    Feeling: ṃѧɢıċѧʟ
    ғєєʟıṅɢ єṿєṅ ṃȏяє ṃѧɢıċѧʟ
    Gender: female
    Crush: none in a single pringle ( I wants one tho )
    ᔕTOᑭ ᑭOOᑭ 2IᑕK
    Q & A
    Q : how old r u?
    A : 10 almost 11 :>

    Q: grade?
    A: 5th :)

    Q: crush?
    A: none I’m lonely ;-;

    Q: real name?
    A: here’s a hint; it’s a Hawaiian name

    Q: any clubs or groups?
    A: the single Pringle squad....

    Q: knif-
    A: yeah plz I want to stabby stabby u~

    Q: o-o
    A: did I do something wrong.. ;-;

    Q: school?

    Q: where do you liv-

    Q: cattos or doggos?
    A: I’m a doggo person
    ( u suck cattos )

    Q: so u like furry-

    Q: schoo-

    Q: sleep or animate?
    A : I will animate to see my friendz -w-

    Q: can I be your friend?
    A: you can just ask... :>

    Q: hug ?
    A: sure * hugs *

    - - - - - - - - - - ——-
    I͟ h͟a͟s͟ l͟͟o͟͟t͟͟s͟͟ o͟f͟ o͟c͟s͟
    ᖴO᙭᙭O (female)
    P:nice friendly cute funny
    T: duh she's a fox
    Crush: none (rip foxxo our a single pringle XD)
    Friends: everyone except for haters (HATERZ BACK OFF)

    ᗷᒪᑌ (male)
    P: friendly nice not a talker...
    T: wolf shark thing ( idk XD)
    Crush: Bluie (aaaa)
    Friends: none ( u can make him have some if ur nice!!)

    ᑭᕼEOᑎI᙭ (male)
    P: snootie (lol) braggy a bad ass (XD)
    T: a fire fox wit wings
    Crush: Lilac
    Friends: HE AIN'T GOT NONE

    Gᗩᒪᗩ᙭Y ᖴO᙭᙭O (male)
    Nick name: Galaxy
    P: nice A TALKER humorous
    T: he is a galaxy fox (duh)
    Crush: Star (shhhhhh he doesn't want her to know)
    Friends: ALL DA FOXES

    OᑭᑭOᔕITE ᖴO᙭᙭O (female)
    Nick name: opposite
    P: smokin..... and lazyyyyy
    T: a gray foxxo
    Crush: no one ( she is too lazy to have oneXD)
    Friends: Toxic

    ᗪIᗩᗰOᑎᗪ ᖴO᙭᙭O (female)
    Nick name: Diamond
    P: cutie friendly shy broken hearted(sometimez)
    T: a blu Foxx
    Crush: Splash (cutie)
    Friendz: nice ppl

    ᖇEᗪ ᖴO᙭᙭O (male)
    Nick name: Red
    P: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
    T: a red foxxo DUH
    Crush: Diamond ( rip red she doesn't like u back)
    Friends: ALL DA PEEPS

    ᑕOᑕO (female)
    P: sugar sugar baby (lol)
    T: a doggo
    Crush: Zap
    Friends: Foxxo Opposite Diamond Star Lilac Buni.......(too lazy XD)

    ᔕTᗩᖇ (female)
    P: caring and all dat stuff
    T: a star cat
    Crush: Galaxy
    Friendz: other peeps from da galaxy

    ᒪIᒪᗩᑕ (female)
    P: calm
    T: a purple cat wolf hybrid
    Crush: Pheonix
    Friendz: all da peeps except Opposite

    ᗷᑌᑎI (female)
    P: nice fast and FLUFFYYYYY
    T: a rabbit with antlerz
    Friendz: same as Lilac

    ᗷᒪᑌIE (female)
    P: sharing nice friendly brave cutie
    T: a wolf with hornz and wingz
    Crush: Blu ( AAAA )
    Friendz: EVERYONE ( u can ask to be her friend too!! )

    GᒪITᑕᕼ (male)
    P: glitchy ( lol he makes u lag)
    T: a glitched fox
    Crush: he is lonely
    Friendz: still lonely #FUREVER ALONE

    ᗪᗩGGI (female)
    P: ????????
    T: a collie doggo
    Crush: Niko
    Friendz: none ( she lonely.... RIP Daggi )

    ᘔᗩᑭ (male)
    P: electric..
    T: and electric fox
    Crush: Coco
    Friendz: coco ( no one likes him but her )

    ᔕᑭᒪᗩᔕᕼ (male)
    P: spikey
    T: a water fox
    Crush: Diamond ( aww )
    Friends: Blu and Bluie also Diamond

    ᗩᗰᗷEᖇ (male)
    P: flamin ( he can legit turn into fire)
    T: also a fire fox
    Crush: Buni
    Friends: a pit of fire ( lol he is so lonely )

    ᑎIKO ( male )
    P: sweet brave help full
    T: a blu collie
    Crush: Daggi ( aww their perfect for eachother )
    Friendz: all doggoz

    ( female )
    P: she isn't much of a sweet heart
    T: fox
    Crush: ???
    Friendz: foxxo diamond opposite (bestie) bluie

    My old account: ɢѧʟѧ×ʏ ғȏ×


    BIG furry .

    This is how big

    | . Yup
    | I'm a big one
    I told ya I'm a big furry
    I'm an αиιмαℓ ℓσνєя ᙭ᗪ
    Fave animal is a fox
    I will take drawing requests
    I will take dares
    I will take ok requests
    I'm Friendly to everyone
    ᗷᒪᑌE ᙭ ᗷᒪᑌIE ( ᗩᗩᗩᗩ )
    ᗪIᗩᗰOᑎᗪ ᙭ ᔕᑭᒪᗩᔕᕼ ( ᗩᗯᗯ )
    ᗩᗰᗷEᖇ ᙭ ᗷᑌᑎI
    ᑕOᑕO ᙭ ᘔᗩᑭ
    ᗪᗩGGI ᙭ ᑎIKO ( ᑕᑌTIEᘔ )
    ᑭᒪᘔ ᗪOᑎT ᗷE ᖇᑌᗪE
    Blu has five different forms;
    Nightmare, Deep sea, Scared, Full glitched, and Death.
    Names and info:

    ᑎIGᕼTᗰᗩᖇE ᖴOᖇᗰ
    Name: Whisper
    Info: when blu turns into nightmare form, he hides in the shadows, whispering death threatens,
    And true facts that will soon happen.
    He is called whisper because all he does is whispers and lurks in the shadows, scaring you.
    All whisper eats is negativity, nightmares, bad thoughts, and if he is in the mood, souls.

    The way to get Blu into nightmare form:
    Blu has to be locked up into a room that is locked, dark, small,and you have to leave him there until you hear that his crying has finished. The crying that he makes will send shivers down your spine. It is like a high- pitched screaming that is shaky. The crying will last for a few hours before it stops. You will know when he is transformed when he has glowing blu eyes and you hear low, creepy, growling.

    The way to get Blu out of nightmare form:
    This time it is quite different. You have to lure him into the same dark room and lock him up. The way to do this is to get a dead animal or something that has meat, and wear dark clothes to match the shadows. The reason for this is because Whisper is nocturnal so he can see in the dark. He only sees what's in front of him so you will have to stay low when doing this part. After you have captured him in the room, wait till he has finished eating whatever you have brought him before turning on the light. Once the light is on, he will start to burn up until he reached his normal form. He will start whining again but even more high pitched. Once back to normal, you will have to hive him a special treatment that will stop him from hurting.

    ᗪEEᑭ ᔕEᗩ ᖴOᖇᗰ
    Name: Lanturn
    When Lanturn, Blu will be at the bottom of the sea, and rarely comes to the top.
    He is called Lanturn cuz he can glow like a lanturn under the sea.
    Lanturn eats sea creatures, coral reefs, and sometimes other things that swim in the water.

    The way to get Blu into deep sea form:
    Blu has to be swimming and pulled down under water until he passes out. ( yup it takes a while ) Then you have to let him sink to the bottom and go away as fast as you can. After a while, he will start to glow when transforming.
    The way to get blu out of deep sea Form:
    You will somehow have to drag him on to the beach and let all of the water dry up on him. Then he will go back to normal form. ( watch out, he might seek revenge :> )

    ᔕᑕᗩᖇEᗪ ᖴOᖇᗰ
    Name: Feather
    When blu is feather he has poisonous pink sweat that can kill you. He is called Feather cuz he has feathers on his tail that he uses to tickle you until you pass out. He does this so he never gets seen.
    He feeds on fear. That’s what makes him stronger.
    The way to get blu into scared form:
    The way to get blu into scared form is unknown...... he just does it sometimes .-.
    The way to get blu out of scared form:
    You will have to risk someone’s life for this part...... you will have to get someone and lock them in the room with him until he isn’t afraid anymore( this is also how he met Bluie :> )

    ᖴᑌᒪᒪ GᒪITᑕᕼEᗪ ᖴOᖇᗰ
    Name: .......
    Info: he doesn’t have a known name and he feeds on lads and glitches.....
    How to get full glitch form:
    How to get him out:

    ᗪEᗩTᕼ ᖴOᖇᗰ
    Name: death
    Info :
    He can destroy the world
    How to get him into death form:
    ....... unknown ......

    How to get him out:
    ........................ also .........................
    ...... unknown ......

    If you read this far, congrats!
    You are as special as a diamond...
    ~ diamond foxxo

    To be continued soon..... :/

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