Č♡ty the devil


  • Hewwo! Im Caty and im a devil cat. I love playing games like: Minecraft and roblox. My name on roblox is: vluvvycat03. And my little sis name is: Muffin02. I hope you follow me!! :3
    !! And i like to make oc's! + if you want me to make you just ask me! And ask me dare's. (Cuz i love dare's)

    ♡ love status:
    Husband: foxy
    blushes fast
    Is cute
    cats and wolfe's

    Cate (evil me):
    Red hair part
    Crush: Bluey

    Nightscare (devil me):
    White eyes
    Dark blue hair
    crush: Midnight

    Best friends: foxy, funsunshine, vertexX, cookie, Angla the cat, hanasaki, wink the cat

    stop whit reading cuz your done.. did you stop?! If you dident i wil stab you whit my knife ^w^


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