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  • Hi! I'm the puppet, but You can call me Mari! I love AnimeMaker and all of you! My goal is to get 300+ followers and do better art then want you see right now. My total score of followers is- 237!My friends are: Fan,Mimi,Springy,Tina,Umbreon,FireFox,Goldie,Stormy,Mikey,Lunar,Kookie/Cheshire, Aqua, Mangle, dark, Grey, Phoenix, and a whole bunch more!

    Also: If you be mean to me or my friends, I will be mean to you :3

    Real name: Rosa Lynn (or just Rose)
    Age: Ten
    State: Texas
    City: San Antonio
    School: Is that important right now?
    Crush: Goldie -///v\\\-
    Ocs: Moon,Blade,Metal,Deston,Class,Star,Reverse Me : Ira, Asid, UnderLust Mari, Monster Mari
    BFF: I have tons of friends but, I think it was the people that where with me since the beginning!
    ROBLOX: XxKally_ChanxX
    Minecraft: KallyChanGaming
    YouTube: Kally~Chan Gaming
    WattPad: TayTayTheWolf
    Quick thing, if you go to my channel, (I only have 1 vid) You will see my ACTUAL face. So feel free to check that out
    Hey I'm Mari!"
    (My age is an illusion because I'm half gem ^^)
    (I like Pocky, Ships, Chips, FairyTale, UnderTale and other au's, and my friends!)
    (I hate being taunted, being hurt, or anyone messing with my friends)
    (I have 3 children: Blu, Goldi, and Ballon)
    (My husband is Goldie)
    "Heya! I'm Goldi!"
    (I'm 18)
    (I love Pocky, gifts, My parents, my baby brother, and my boyfriend!)
    ( I hate when people make fun of me, That I get home sick, and green tea Pocky)
    (My boyfriend is Glidder! /a unknown oc/)
    "Hi, I'm Blu"
    (I'm 18)
    (I like the same things my sis likes -not her bf though....-)
    (I hate when people taunt Goldi, people kick me, and when my magic is out of control)
    ( I love Sarah, Kookie's little sister)
    "Howdy, I'm Balloon"
    (I'm 16!)
    (I like Sarah, cookies, gifts and my gem)
    (I hate that I dunno a lot about gem history, my powers, and green tea Pocky)
    (I love Sarah and fusing with her)
    "The names Ira"
    (My age is an illusion)
    (I like the opposite things of Mari, and smoking)
    (I hate the opposite things of Mari)
    (I have no children)
    (I love Lust)
    Main Oc Relationships:
    Ira: Loving
    Me: Married
    Balloon: Loving
    Blu: Crushing
    Goldi: Loving
    Goldie: Married
    Ballora: Loving

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