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  • Hi! I'm the puppet, but You can call me Mari! I love AnimeMaker and all of you! My goal is to get 300+ followers and do better art then want you see right now. My total score of followers is- 200+ My friends are: Fan,Mimi,Springy,Tina,Umbreon,FireFox,Goldie,Stormy,Mikey,Lunar,Kookie/Cheshire, Aqua, Mangle, dark and more!

    Also: If you be mean to me or my friends, I will be mean to you :3

    Real name: Rosa Lynn (or just Rose)
    Age: Ten
    State: Texas
    City: San Antonio
    School: Is that important right now?
    Crush: Goldie -///v\\\-
    Ocs: Moon,Blade,Metal,Deston,Class,Star,Reverse Me : Ira, Asid, UnderLust Mari, Monster Mari
    BFF: I have tons of friends but, I think it was the people that where with me since the beginning!
    ROBLOX: XxKally_ChanxX
    Minecraft: KallyChanGaming
    YouTube: Kally~Chan Gaming
    WattPad: TayTayTheWolf
    Quick thing, if you go to my channel, (I only have 1 vid) You will see my ACTUAL face. So feel free to check that out. But yeah, I think that's it.


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