Mari The Puppet and Teri The Good Demon


  • Hi! I'm the puppet, but You can call me Mari! I love AnimeMaker and all of you! My goal is to get 300+ followers and do better art then want you see right now. My total score of followers is- 237!My friends are: Fan,Mimi,Springy,Tina,Umbreon,FireFox,Goldie,Stormy,Mikey,Lunar,Kookie/Cheshire, Aqua, Mangle, dark, Grey, Phoenix, and a whole bunch more!
    ---------Now for Teri------------------------------
    Hi! I'm Teri! The second owner of this account! I'm a demon too! I was cut up by a magic sword that made me like this. I love drawing! I'm new but I like here already! Some people say I rush things buut I don't care! As long as people don't try and hurt anyone I'm fine with it! I'm also hiding a secret no one but me and Mari knows.....
    ~~~~~~Informational Stuff~~~~~~~~
    Also: If you be mean to me or my friends, I will be mean to you :3
    Real name: Rosa Lynn (or just Rose)
    Age: Ten
    State: Texas
    City: San Antonio
    School: Is that important right now?
    Crush: Goldie -///v\\\-
    Ocs: Moon,Blade,Metal,Deston,Class,Star,Reverse Me : Ira, Asid, UnderLust Mari, Monster Mari, Acid, and Rain, Snow
    BFF: I have tons of friends but, I think it was the people that where with me since the beginning!
    ROBLOX: XxKally_ChanxX
    Minecraft: KallyChanGaming
    YouTube: Kally~Chan Gaming
    WattPad: TayTayTheWolf
    Quick thing, if you go to my channel, (I only have 1 vid) You will see my ACTUAL face. So feel free to check that out
    Hey I'm Mari!"
    My age is an illusion because I'm half gem ^^
    I like Pocky, Ships, Chips, FairyTale, UnderTale and other au's, and my friends!
    I hate being taunted, being hurt, or anyone messing with my friends
    I have 3 children: Blu, Goldi, and Ballon
    My husband is Goldie
    "Heya! I'm Goldi!"
    I'm 25!
    I love Pocky, gifts, My parents, my baby brother, and my boyfriend!
    I hate when people make fun of me, That I get home sick, and green tea Pocky
    My boyfriend is Glidder! /a unknown oc/
    "Hi, I'm Blu"
    I'm 25..
    I like the same things my sis likes -not her bf though....-
    I hate when people taunt Goldi, people kick me, and when my magic is out of control
    I love Sarah, Kookie's little sister, She....hates me though..
    "Howdy, I'm Balloon"
    I'm 20!
    I like cookies, gifts and my gem
    I hate that I dunno a lot about gem history, my powers, and green tea Pocky
    I love Sarah and fusing with her
    I'm getting married to Sarah soon!
    I’m a daddy~ ^^
    "The names Ira"
    My age is an illusion
    I like the opposite things of Mari, and smoking
    I hate the opposite things of Mari
    I have no children
    I love Lust
    "Heyo! Teri here!"
    I'm second owner now!"
    My home app is DevaintArt buut, I like it here
    I like chocolate, candy, people, and nekos!
    I don't like white choco, Pixie Sticks, and beans....
    I'm crushing right now! Hint Hint: She's a loin and she's really beautiful!
    I have 2 daughters named Violet and Minah!!!!
    Hurt my family and I will steal your magic and snap your neck -3-
    “Violet....My name is Violet.”
    I’m 18...
    I-I have a crush.... -blushes-
    Just... leave me alone -tear ups-
    “Snow, Snow, Snow! That’s meeee!”
    I’m 20!
    My best friend is younger but, Violet!
    Blizzard is mine, so back offf! >:3
    Main Oc Relationships:
    Ira: Dating List
    Teri: Crushing on Tally
    Me: Married to Goldie!
    Balloon: Engaged to Sarah ( Grey’s )
    Blu: Crushing on Sarah!
    Goldi: Dating Glidder
    Goldie: Married to Me!
    Ballora: Dating Peter ;3
    Violet: Crushing on Wyatt~
    Snow: Dating Blizzard

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