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    The Siblings Account (uhhh shhh)

    Joey too. (Boi)

    Sienna too!! (Nvm shes dead, still follow her)

    And LuckyTheKittydog! (RIP)

    "But thats Justtttttttt Meeeeeee!!!"


    Holy shit.

    I am a mess

    Lol help

    Spark- (349,000)
    Regen- 28(36,000)
    Anne- 19 (200)
    Lexa- 21 (INFO BREAK) Backwards Axel
    Hexic-20 (20,000) SCP; 1470
    Brook- 19 (36,000)
    Mystery- 20 (22,000)
    Charlie- 13 (7,000) SCP; 191
    Sarin- 22 (231,002)
    Bailey-19 (7,877)
    Slay-19( 24,000)
    Sally-14 ( 666) ƏrRØr
    Lailee-14 (4,880)
    May- 19 (109)
    Pele-17 (11,000)
    Mist-21 (22,000)
    Link-19 (25,000)
    Tashi-19 ( 25,000)
    Tatch-20 (ƏRrOŘ)
    Shadow- (349,000)
    Amy-26 - (12,000)
    Disaster-31- (41,000)
    Jason- 19 - (11,000)
    Tegen-26 (INFO BREAK )
    Opal- 1,345,000 SCP; 723
    Erie-18 ( INFO BREAK)
    Abel-19 ( INFO BREAK )
    Uno-23 ( INFO BREAK )
    Slash-21( INFO BREAK )

    Stfu already, Brook |
    Controllers. |


    And if I ever leave this app!!

    ♧-Regen is gone~♧

    •°Social Media°•

    •Roblox- BroadBrookie
    •Insta- regen_twin
    •Discord- ♤~Regen~♤#3480
    •YT- Regen's_Uploads

    •Scp 723-D (Opal)
    •Scp 191 (Charlie)
    •Scp 662 (Lake)
    •Scp 1470 (Hexic)


    My ships:
    • Regen x DM
    • Mystery x Mid (Mystery was a badass before)
    • Axel x Glitch
    • Slash x Yohan
    • Pele x Tiley
    • Tashi x Nobody
    • Opal x Nobody
    • Summer x Nobody (Shes mah female senpai
    No. Naili is. I lied XD)
    • Disaster x none
    • Sally x Nobody
    • Hexic x Riley
    • Link x Luke
    • Lexa x Nobody (Well duh. Shes a brat)
    • Wavae x Nobody
    • Flare x Nobody
    • Rain x Nobody
    • Amythest x Nobody
    • May x Nobody
    • Flover x Nobody
    • Darkflighter x Drakaneal
    • Bailey x Someone
    • Mal x Nobody.

    River - Eminem.

    Grind Me Down - Lilianna Wilde





    Soulless IS BULLYING ME >:(

    Jk jk


    Buh - Bye yall.
    I didn't make this until after I left.
    All of my followers left.
    Now for the shoutouts, i guess.



    Even though you aren't here I'm gonna tribute to you. Because you were great.

    I'm sorry for seeming rude sometimes, and I'm sorry I drew you so trash, my art was bAAd.
    But know i did check in. Since 2017 in January or something.
    Miss ya.


    Yeet, next up for out contestants isss..
    *drum roll*

    Fox Lune.

    This is gettin dark REAL fast.

    Okay. Uh.

    So I'm sorry for making you trust me, And make you feel comfortable to vent to me, just to be all like.
    ._. K f u.

    Not kfc.

    Kay, fu*% you.


    But seriously.
    Unblock me.
    Im sorry.
    We are bananas, and bananas stick together until people pick them away from eachother.

    I guess we just rotted.
    We are rotten bananas lmao.

    Uhhh, next.

    I can't even remember your fucking name. Greenboy? Who? Im gonna check.


    Polly aka hellboy, and some other accounts you made.


    You put me through a horrible state in a young grade. 4th. You went and told me you cared. You talked to me when i was sick, and you said someday you might actually meet me, obviously i knew it wouldn't be that way, but it made me feel happy knowing soneone cared so much. The next day i look through your comments and i see a weird anime, so i click it. And i see you telling an innocent little boy to use different things to pleasure you. He was even sort of confused by what a dildo was. (Basically a penis but its a toy version.) And so you tell hin to do all theese things. And it pissed me off because you said you loved me.
    You cheating, lying, manipulative, bastard. Because i w A s there for your dumb little ass. So my friends ganged up on you, and I went all out. You gave me depression, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts for the rest of the year.

    And how sweet of you for that.

    This brings me to Bri and Tarpit

    How are you guys doing?

    Tarpit, you're still here.

    Bri, are you?
    I miss you.

    Thanks for giving me those rps.
    You started me up with my ocs.
    And damn thank you.
    You also really helped.
    Thanks to the both of you.


    And finally..

    I know you were probably scrolling because you wanted to see if I would add you to my list of special thanks.
    And of course i will. Because I Love You.

    Whenever we facetime, your voice, expression, and awkwardness make me crack up. Including when you make me sound wrong. And when you're mad and look all grumpy its adorable. And when you draw it feels nice to help you.

    And i could go on for paragraphs.
    I love the way your backstory and ocs are, and how i get to be behind the scenes on everything, and help you with designs and stuff. And I like knowing I'm not another puppet. I love it when you answer and im in a bad mood and then you're just all like."OH MYy GOd FRoST!!! GiVE LukE ovEr tO HiM!" Lmao its so cute. And then those times when you're sad and im acting so dumb, and i manage to say something so wrong but innocent that you just sound like a deep fried horse screaming , its great
    So i have 3 words to sum this allll up.

    I Love You. ♡♡

    To anyone else who wasn't on this list:

    You could've been.

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