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    (Forgive me...)
    Spark- (349,000)
    Regen- 29 (36,000)
    Anne- 19 (200)
    Lexa- 21 (INFO BREAK) Backwards Axel-×
    Hexic-20 (20,000) SCP; 1470
    Brook- 19 (36,000)
    Mystery- 20 (22,000)
    Charlie- 7 (7,000) SCP; 191
    Bailey-19 (7,877)
    Slay-22 ( 24,000)
    Sally-14 ( 666) ƏrRØr
    Lailee-14 (4,880)
    May- 19 (109)
    Pele-13 (11,000)
    Mist-21 (22,000)
    Link-19 (25,000)
    Tashi-19 ( 25,000)
    Tatch-20 (INFO BREAK)
    Shadow- (349,000)
    Amy-26 - (12,000)
    Disaster-31- (41,000)
    Jason- 19 - (11,000)
    Tegen-26 (INFO BREAK )
    Opal- 1,345,000 SCP; 723
    Erie-18 ( INFO BREAK)
    Abel-19 ( INFO BREAK )
    Uno-23 ( INFO BREAK )
    Slash-21( INFO BREAK )
    Axel-21 ( INFO BREAK )
    Moon-26 (INFO BREAK )

    Fweinds of rps!
    Peach the Neko

    Q & A

    •Q: Whom do you like?
    °A:Well. I mean. I like everyone. Everyone who cares. Crushwise, DM. But we together.
    •Q: Main oc's?
    °A: Me, Slay, Mystery, Mist, Sally, Pele, Tashi, And Rage.
    •Q: What do you like about Slay, Mystery, and Mist?
    °A: I like how they all have thier own trait. Like, Mist's sass. And Slay's goofiness. And Mystery doesn't have words to describe her. So. Her...
    T H I C C N E S S ?

    Controllers. |



    • Regen. Was tested as a child and became a monster. She murdered 13 scientists. She was forced to go with her father. He kept her locked up. Until she was 16. Death Age: 9

    • Mystery. She was in the middle of a tornado when the house started burning. She was looking for her mom when she saw something. She saw a bright flash. Of blue and red. Nothing more. She parished. Age: 10

    • Slay: His imagination was so fun. As a child. And as a older kid. Well...Until his little sister died. His imagination gave him his share of fun. Now where was thier share? The depression of his imagination went and slowly killed him. Voices started to whisper to him...Demons came in his head..His imagination murdered him, It was too strong.. age: 12

    • Mist. She was also in the tornado. Mist was with her mother. Her mother was going to fix something.. She was hiding in the basement when thier mother screamed. She investigated. Something was following behind Mist. When she turned. She saw a black figure. A loud "BOOM!" And They both died. Age: 10

    • Disaster: He was walking through Hell. Disaster felt a poke behind him..His mom yelled, "LOOK OUT!!" But it was too late.....an arrow to the chest.. Age: 16

    • Axel. He was running outside when the Solar Eclipse happened. Out of nowhere. He looked at the sky, and then. He was tackled by someone and mudered. Stabbed 23 times. Age:17

    • Slash. He was sitting down. And he saw something. It was...A bunch of Snakes..Or something...They started to bite him. Apparently It was a dream. But.. he died in real life. Age:19

    • Link: He was born with asthma. One day, his gym teacher forced everyone to run on a trail. But, Links vision blurred, and he was tired of running, he ran into the woods, lost. He now was having an athsma attack. Forever alone. And a slow death. Age: 14

    • Burgany: He was with his mom. When he saw an airplane. It all seemed fine at first. Until. That plane exploded into peices of flames. He heard screaming. And. A plane part hit him. Dead as could be. And his mom?? She lost her first child. She wanted to protect Mist..
    Age: 11

    • Lexa, One day, in New York, her father and mother were fighting. One day, her father poured some poison into a wine bottle. Lexa was dared to drink. So. That was the only thing they had...It was meant for her mother, but she drank it anyways..Her friend witnessed blood coming out of her mouth, she looked dead already, she was screaming. Sadly, she died in front of her friend...But...Who is her friend??? Age: 11

    .`~°•More are coming•°~`.

    •°Social Media°•

    •Roblox- BroadBrookie
    •Insta- regen_twin
    •Discord- ♤~Regen~♤#3480
    •YT- Regen's_Uploads

    •Scp 723-D (Opal)
    •Scp 191 (Charlie)
    •Scp 662 (Lake)
    •Scp 1470 (Hexic)




    My ships:
    • Regen x DM
    • Mystery x Mid (Mystery was a badass before)
    • Axel x Glitch
    • Slash x Yohan
    • Pele x Enime
    • Uno x Ultra
    • Tashi x Soulless
    • Opal x Nobody
    • Summer x Nobody (Shes mah female senpai)
    • Disaster x Jasper
    • Sally x Nobody
    • Hexic x Riley (?)
    • Brook x Lenny (Aka if you touch mah spuget I will kill u)
    • Link x Nobody (...You don't use HIM anymore so I unshipped him.)
    • Lexa x Nobody (Well duh. Shes a brat)
    • Grey x Nobody (GET REKT BITCH)
    • Wavae x Nobody
    • Flare x Nobody
    • Rain x Nobody
    • Amythest x Nobody
    • Taymethest x Nobody
    • Camethest x Nobody
    • Samethest x Nobody
    • Erie x Josh
    • Abel x Angel
    • May x Nobody
    • Flover x Nobody
    • Darkflighter x Kyu
    • Bailey x Someone
    • Mal x Nobody.
    • Dakota x Jason


    Mah top ships because why naht?

    1: Axel x Glitch
    2: Brook x Lenny (I claim him now. Touch him and you will die....Seriously though..)
    3: Mid x Mystery (First ship with Nai. Dun you dare ruin it.)
    4: Slash x Yohan (Badasses)
    5: Regen x Dm ( Oooo. Demons. Like in my head!)
    6: Same as below.
    7: Dakota x Jason. (Fuck it, it's there.)

    Imma go and put my theme song here I guess...

    River - Eminem.
    (Also part Regen I guess..)

    Grind Me Down - Lilianna Wilde
    (Also part of Mystery.)

    Panic! At the disco - Saturday night
    (Also Slash)

    Hurt me.


    I hurt you...

    Save me from this neverending hell..

    And I'll save you.

    Yohan x Principal

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