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  • Hoi! My name is Pickle and there are a few things I want to share about myself.1.Im not that good at animating and drawing so..DONT EXCEPT GOOD ANIMATIONS XD.2.I try to be as kid friendly as possible.3.Im eight years.4.I live in California.5.I Love cheese. Things I love:Hamilton,Fnaf,Batim,Undertale,Drawing,Roblox,CHEESE YAS((sorry XD)),and dogs.There are many other things I want to list but I don't have the time to.Favoriteanimal:Foxes.Friends:Moonlight~((Not Lunar Eclipse.))Things I hate:Jake Paul,Logan Paul,Fidget spinners ((what's the point? XD)),Bees e-e ((I have a mental breakdown when I see one XD)) Me: eats pizza. Bee:comes to a table that is close to mine. Me: Internal screaming. This is a true story XD.Favorite color:Navy blue.Just call me Pickle,Fade,or Navy:3 ((I luv Foxes)) Anyways Pls follow me ((Why did I say that?you don't have to)) Bai!!

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