Sir Cacti The Third


  • Sup I'm Cacti

    Where to find me: WUT Cacti on Splatoon 2

    Gender irl:Male
    Fav songs: Mr. Blue Sky, All Star, Jump, Plantera Boss Theme (terraria)
    Age: Why the zucc would I tell strangers on the Internet
    Living Space/home: HATSHIP SUPREME
    Best Friends in the universe: Blob, Cod3x, and Li'l Spore
    Species: Stickman/Cactus/celestial being of spicy memes
    Powers: Bye Bye Beam, Gecko Feet, Hat Chain Guns, and power to fit through tight spaces (actually tall irl)
    Planet: 47GP91 (Cactopolis)
    OCs: V, Inkling irl me
    Age in animes: 4,827 y/o (celestial cactus years)
    Rank in Meme Industry: Class 6 Meme Sorcerer
    Fav planets to visit: 4546B, 81JOQ, V90012, and FFY507
    I'm like never on here so yeah. I'm usually on Splatoon 2 and my username is [WUT]Cacti for those who want me as a friend. "If you can't take constructive criticism, then you shouldn't be doing what you're doing." -Gordon Ramsay probably. (THE GOVERNMENT IS RUN BY SNAKE PEOPLE, HIDE WHILE YOU STILL CAN)

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