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    My name is Tina, or either Rose. I love both names though. ❤︎
    I'm a average girl who ❤︎ loves this artsy app.
    Which is named "AnimeMaker"!
    I'm Vietnamese which is Asian so I expect stereotypes. (*´ω`*)
    I'm 12 as well! People may say I look to beautiful or tall to be my age. (ᵔᴥᵔ)
    I accept compliments, they make me feel lucky to be on this app. ٩( ᐛ )و
    My OC is named Tina Hyuga! Yes, I am a artsy little weaboo but who cares anyway.
    She was originally suppose to be a human but I chose a furry.
    She moved into the Hidden Leaf Village from the Hidden Cloud Village.
    Her handsome senpai is Stormy. Stormy Uchimaki.(*^ω^*)
    Is that enough? Oh yeah! Me and my other Universes!
    Genderswap: He's a romantic jerk. (in mah opinion) he's basically the word "awkward".
    Pusheen: A little memester that's adorable. (//^^//)b
    Is that all? My goodness.. I forgo-
    Original Tina- When will you ever stop?
    Tuna-chan: NEEEVVERRRR
    Alright.. about Tuna Chan.
    Tuna-chan: She's a over hyped Tina.. She's a Yandere when it comes to her Senpai. Stormy-san. She may seem a nice, gentle, kind, 2 legged person with no torso. but...

    I'M BACK! :P

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