• Hi guys! And probably it's time for you guys to know about me!
    So let's get started!
    Name: Keisha
    Breed: Hybrid
    Irl crush: none
    OC crush: none
    Irl BFs: Mylee, Carlton, and Trinity
    OC BFs: Reagen:, Katrina (sorry for arguing a year ago...), Poopee, Anime rainbow, Raphæl, Cookie, :c and Kevin
    People who used to be my friend: Katrina. (Who is now Annie)

    Followers: 12?
    Following: 16?
    Dislikes: Spiders, robots, Bulldogs, horror games, horror movies, bullies, and idiots
    Likes: Puppies, kittens, friends, people who forgive her, and things that make no sense
    Video games I dislike: Granny, Five Nights at Freddy's, Slendytubbies, and all the other horror games out there that I don't know
    Video games I like: Minecraft, Spelunky, that pet owner simulator idk the name to, Animal Jam, Animemaker, Flipaclip, and Animal Jam Play Wild
    Personalities: independent, rebelish, a leader, smart, and diverse

    Foxy is hanging out with Chica

    With mangle

    Mangle: I wish I had a friend...

    Foxy spots mangle and walks to her

    Foxy: hi...

    Mangle: hi.

    Chica spots foxy and mangle and she walks toward them

    Chica: hi foxy! Hi umm, who is she?

    Foxy: this is mangle.

    Chica: hi mangle!

    Chica in mind: good thing I brought it.

    Chica: mangle, can you follow me?

    Mangle: o-ok

    Mangle and Chica go to the courtyard

    Chica walks behind mangle and attacks

    Mangle faints

    Chica: that should teach you a lesson..

    Foxy goes to courtyard to practice basketball later

    Foxy sees mangle lying down on the ground

    Foxy: no! Why Chica?!? WHY????!!!!????

    Foxy goes to Chica

    Foxy: Chica, it's done.

    Chica: what do you mean?

    Foxy: We're no longer friends

    Chica bursts into tears and runs away


    Foxy brings mangle to Bonnie

    Please help mangle, Chica killed her. Said foxy

    Bonnie fixes mangle

    Chica sees mangle

    Well, well, well, look what the cat dragged here. Said Chica

    I should kill you, AGAIN!

    Chica tries to stab mangle in the heart, but mangle dodges

    Mangle escapes before she gets stabbed again

    Mangle bumps into foxy

    Chica runs to foxy and mangle

    I need foxy. Said Chica slyly

    Chica gives foxy a love potion

    What is this?

    Mangle goes to Chica and foxy

    Foxy! Dont drink it! It is a love potion!!!!!!!!!!

    It was too late, Foxy drank the love potion.

    Mangle gasped

    Chica stuck her tounge at mangle

    Mangle said, you are a disgrace!! She ran away

    Chica kissed foxy

    Suddenly mangle and foxy' said daughter came up to Chica and scratched her

    You are a TRUE DISGRACE CHICA!!!!

    Chica touched her cheek as fangle ran away

    Chica didn't feel any regret

    Later with Springtrap..

    I will give mangle powers... And Chica WILL DIE!

    Springtrap walks up to mangle going behind her

    Springtrap deactivates mangle

    Mangle wakes up later on

    Springtrap? Said mangle

    Yes it is me.. Said Springtrap

    NOW QUIET!! Exclaimed Springtrap

    Springtrap started giving mangle powers


    Chica came up to mangle with a knife

    Mangle used her powers springtrap gave her

    Mangle gave Chica a bunch of wounds and dodged all her attacks.


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