Eu sou brasileira então eu acho que você me entende


  • Hi guys! And probably it's time for you guys to know about me!
    So let's get started!
    Name: Carina
    Breed: Russian Grey Cat
    Irl crush: none
    OC crush: none
    Irl BFs: Mylee, Carlton, and Trinity
    OC BFs: Reagen:, Katrina (sorry for arguing a year ago...), Poopee, Anime rainbow, Raphæl, Cookie, :c and Kevin
    People who used to be my friend: Katrina. (Who is now Annie)

    Followers: 12?
    Following: 16?
    Dislikes: Spiders, robots, Bulldogs, horror games, horror movies, bullies, and idiots
    Likes: Puppies, kittens, friends, people who forgive her, and things that make no sense
    Video games I dislike: Granny, Five Nights at Freddy's, Slendytubbies, and all the other horror games out there that I don't know
    Video games I like: Minecraft, Spelunky, that pet owner simulator idk the name to, Animal Jam, Animemaker, Flipaclip, and Animal Jam Play Wild
    Personalities: independent, rebelish, a leader, smart, and diverse

    Foxy is hanging out with Chica

    With mangle

    Mangle: I wish I had a friend...

    Foxy spots mangle and walks to her

    Foxy: hi...

    Mangle: hi.

    Chica spots foxy and mangle and she walks toward them

    Chica: hi foxy! Hi umm, who is she?

    Foxy: this is mangle.

    Chica: hi mangle!

    Chica in mind: good thing I brought it.

    Chica: mangle, can you follow me?

    Mangle: o-ok

    Mangle and Chica go to the courtyard

    Chica walks behind mangle and attacks

    Mangle faints

    Chica: that should teach you a lesson..

    Foxy goes to courtyard to practice basketball later

    Foxy sees mangle lying down on the ground

    Foxy: no! Why Chica?!? WHY????!!!!????

    Foxy goes to Chica

    Foxy: Chica, it's done.

    Chica: what do you mean?

    Foxy: We're no longer friends

    Chica bursts into tears and runs away

    Tbc I will do part 2 next Friday

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