• Hi I'm That creepy person who thinks everyone is my friend

    Q: where do you live

    A: in the dumpster

    Q: are you alive

    A: the real question is why haven't I killed you yet

    Q: why can't you leave tom alone?

    A: Cause somebody as classic and stupid as him needs care before he falls off a cliff

    Q: are you still friends with Edd, Matt and tom?

    A: don't ask me ask Edd

    I burnt all of Alex's pancakes
    Oh my gosh it's a tree
    My best friend is the wall
    w h e e z e
    I'm just gonna lie down on this bed of nails
    -hugs Alex- bestie U^U I protec yee
    help me
    Oh my gosh it's grass
    Oh no
    Hėłłø dârkñëśś mÿ øłd frïėñd
    Ok Alex let me show you the world -pushes him off a cliff-
    Oh my gosh it's a leaf
    WoW tHankS
    -trips over a couch-
    I'm gr8
    Wow dis is long
    Okay ima leave now

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