Luna The Umbreon Human {GAME: EHtale} Luna C.D. |GAME: ZunaTale|


  • I've changed my username
    Stuff I like: fnaf, undertale, Pokemon, CHIBI STUFF, Steven universe, roleplay, digimon(DONT JUDGE) Violence, Eddsworld, COLA, memes, Etc.
    . And many of you must know undertale and the aus and how some people create them, and guess what... IM DOING AN AU! I'm a really happy about this
    I also do music :3
    Fav color: red
    Fav food: WATERMELON
    Here's some stuff I'd like you to know
    I am bi (bisexual)
    I am a tomboy
    Other stuff I forget to add

    Q and A
    Q. What's your YouTube channel name?
    A. HoodieAlex, TKalex
    Q. Who are your friends on here?
    A. Ash Kitty, Kristina (AliceAngle), and that's it I think
    Q. When your birthday?
    A. August 3rd
    Q. When are you going to come up with more questions?
    A. I dunno

    Minecraft PE username: AnnonAlex
    Animal Jam play wild username: Lunadakittykat
    Denantart: LunaDaSpirtFox
    Skype: AnnonamusAlex T
    Roblox: HoodedAlex
    Animal Jam (computer): HoodieAlex (probably HoodedAlex thou, just check)
    And KiwiFire 2 is my new account
    My sister making own YouTube channel now, :3
    EHtale is an AU me and my sister created so are characters are in it
    heres a measege from my friend



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