• I’m sorry

    Liza- I wish we could have done more roleplays and talked more, we can finish our roleplays on draw/frame cast.. right?

    Autumn- I will never forget you as a sister, wish u had FC

    Wooolioo- I wish we could have been able to ship and talk a lot more.

    Scar- I have no clue why you left but I will not forget you

    I have to delete this app,
    If you wish to find me here are some places I play on
    Frame cast. - BluBerriJr.
    Draw cast. - ~Bluey~Draws ~
    Pixel gun - 135710543
    Roblox - IshBluBerri
    Discord - JustBlu.#0991
    Thx for 70 followers i guess..

    •April 14th 2018 check in•
    Oh 80 followers..? Didn’t think I’d make it this far.. anyways I can’t come back until my birthday.. which is August 11th..

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