Soulless ain’t nothing but psychopath lasagna


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    +.|.+ Phantom sets the camera up. +.|.+ ` ` This good? ` ` +.|.+ Phantom asked as he looked at Ultra. +.|.+
    “Yeah!” +.|.+ Ultra said while doing a thumbs up. +.|.+ ‘You guys getting that new cam ready?’ +.|.+ Soulless asked them, pasting by through. +.|.+ “First, it's a camera.” +.|.+ Ultra replied, +.|.+ “Not some trashy short name you call it.” +.|.+ Ultra said, pointing at Soulless. +.|.+ ‘Child, you're really gonna get mad at me because of a name?’ +.|.+ Soulless held Ultra like a baby. +.|.+ ` ` I can see it now, Mother soulless and baby ultra. ` ` +.|.+ Phantom said with a chuckle. +.|.+ ‘Phantom's the father then!’ +.|.+ Soulless danced around with Ultra in her arms. +.|.+ “Betta put me down before you become the abused child instead..” +.|.+ Ultra slapped Soulless. +.|.+ ‘Take your cam to heaven!’ +.|.+ Soulless yeeted the camera to China. +.|.+ ` ` My camera! ` ` +.|.+ Phantom whimpered while Soulless was running away from Ultra. +.|.+ ` ` SOULLESS!! ` ` +.|.+ Phantom yelled, growling at the demon. +.|.+ Soulless nodded and brought the camera back. +.|.+ ‘There.’ +.|.+ Soulless said, bowing. +.|.+

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