Tuxedo Chicken


  • Hi my name is Jack or Tuxedo Chicken my YouTube channel is tuxedo Chicken and my minecraft username is tuxedo Chicken with a k
    I hope you guys enjoy my content as much as I enjoy your
    Things bout meeeeeeeeee
    My favorite color is red my favorite Pokémon is evee my fav animal is a ferret dog and Chicken I have eleven dogs including puppies and a chinchilla and a bearded dragon When I grow up I’m gonna be an animator thats why I got this app
    I am a boy I like fairytail skateboarding YouTube and drawing undertail video games a lot my fav song is OMFG hello
    I am like a hotdog. I taste good but if you knew wha I was made of you would never eat it again
    I’m leaving anime maker forever I’m sorry
    I’m not leaving I changed my mind

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