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  • Hello! Im TÿêrFrÿęr64 you can call me Clover! l:l My OCs namel:l I love to draw but I also love to hang around with my friends, play video games, and watch videos on youtube! OC me talking: I am a black and gray Irish wolf furry... I speak in a mild Irish accent. Mild means in between soft and strong in this phrase it is anyway XD. I wear and over sized hoodie. A lime green and dark green one. It has a clover on the front of it and says "IRISH" The number on the front is 07 my irl birth date 2007. I am 16 years old as an OC. I wear a light purple scrunch. My hair is wavy and I have a spirally like ponytail. My hair fades from a light brown to a blond. I have a great personality and I am very kind. I'm very funny, cool, sweet, single, I have no crush, can be weird at times, I like to help others in need, I'm lucky, I have cute sounding voice and sometimes I stutter.. The things I am interested in is Music, drawing, coloring, singing, videos games, and a lot more! Sadly I don't have a story for myself so ya.... HOPEFULLY SOME OF YOU GUYS LIKE MEH ART!!! PLZ FOLLOW ME AND STAY UP TO DATE WHEN I MAKE AND NEW DRAWING OR ANIMATION PPPPPEEEEAAAACCCCEEEE!!!! XD

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