• I change my name a lot for fun :/
    I’m shadow :3

    I hate a lot of things.

    Furries mayn (I just got into them so .u. )
    I make stories


    Shi Thead

    Ben Dover

    Kahoot is life

    Why are you still here?

    Lemme get fat off pop-tarts in peace.


    Every time I watch Peter Pan I get depressed because it shows what every child wants but knows they can’t get. It shows the magic we want and the freedom we wish for. But then the movie ends and it’s as if we wake up because we’re in the place we wished we weren’t. We wished we would be flying in the sky with the freedom called Peter Pan and going to the magical place of Neverland. Making friends that are the same as us. And having freedom and never growing up. Why can’t all that become true to those who believe the most? Why can’t we just have that magic? What if we did believe hard enough and we began to fly. Well. That’d be true happiness. Cause then. We could fly to our neverland. Like. Why were we made the way we are now? Why can’t us humans have. Freedom. Fly. Believe. Magic. Why can’t our world have a Peter Pan? Why can’t we have the magical fragment of our imagination come to life and take us to neverland.

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