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    Even when it’s hard…Don’t give up.
    Even if you fall…get back up.
    Even if the world is against you…continue on.
    Even when you feel weak…stand firm.
    Because you are strong!
    You are brave!
    You are important!
    You are you!
    So, please don’t scar, starve, vomit, or compare yourself to anyone but yourself. There’s only one you, so be the best you, you can be!
    (I hope this helped someone out there)
    (I meant every word I said)—LP
    My Oc’s(so far)oldest to newest:
    Me(LP)—generic person w/ pink shading and hot-pink headphones and white(oversized)hoodie
    Kawaii the Koala—white w/ pink fur
    Kaisin the Wolf—white w/ blue/grey fur
    Penny the Angel-Pup—white w/ yellow/gold fur
    Jack the anxious Boy—pink hair
    Toby the Cat—grey w/ red hair
    Thomas—part Asian/White/Black boy w/ brown hair and a dark-gray hoodie
    Calyx—light-green/pink/white/red doll

    Oc Status:
    Kawaii~Single/no crush
    Kaisin~Single/no crush
    Penny~Crush on Márth
    Jack~Single/no crush
    Toby~Crush on Tropica
    Thomas~Single/no crush
    Calyx~Single/no crush
    Favorite YouTuber(s):
    (Yeah, it’s the same dude)
    My “edgy art” is just a sort of “venting” so, please don’t get concerned. \_(•-•)_/
    WOW!! 135 followers! TvT)~thank you!!
    Requests to finish before any new requests:
    -Anime Avary 2 (make you a crush)
    -Marshmellow Hands(draw you)
    -LuckyTheKittydog(draw you)
    -Squirrelflight32(make your Oc a crush)

    Challenges that I have entered and need to finish:

    Am I on: nope

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