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    Name: Spirit The Mystic
    Gender: Girl
    Likes:no one (so far)
    Species: Mystic(I found my species!!!!!)
    Family: mom,Mistical. Dad,Light Paw. And my brother who uses this game,GreenKid Studios.
    Best Friends: Bendy,Cream,Ray,Black Claw, and White Claw.
    Home:Star Meadow

    Name: Bendy
    Gender: Boy
    Likes: no one (he is still new to us)
    Species: Ink Demon
    Family: Boris, Alice Angel, Henery (he's still family since he made Bendy though Bendy's still mad from thinking he betrayed them but he still cares) and all the others at Silly Visions Studios
    Best Friends: Spirit, Ray, and Cream
    Home:Star Meadow

    Likes: no one
    Species: Bunny
    Family:Her mom and her pet/friend Chao Cheese
    Friends:Spirit, Sonia, Ray, and the sisters Black Claw and White Claw
    Home:Star Meadow

    Likes: Spirit
    Family: is a survivor from Air Town
    Best friends: Spirit, Cream, Sonia
    Home:Star Meadow

    Name:Black Claw
    Likes:no one (she doesn't want to tell yet, she's shy sometimes)
    Family:her sister White Paw and their mom Rainbow Claw
    Best friends: Spirit and Sonia
    Home:Star Meadow

    Name: White Paw
    Likes:no one(she's kinda shy to tell too)
    Family: Her sister Black Claw and their mom Rainbow Claw
    Best Friends: Spirit,Sonia, and Black Claw
    Home:Star Meadow

    Name: Rainbow Dashing The Woodpecker
    Likes: no one (so far)
    Species: Woodpecker
    Family: Her mom and dad Mr and Misses Dashing
    Best Friends: Spirit, Sonia, Cream, and Ray
    Home:Star Meadow

    Name:Star Claw
    Likes: no one (yet)
    Family: Starlight Paw and Twilight Dasher. (Her mom and dad)
    Best Friends: Blaze Wings,and Firefly Lightstream
    Home:Star Meadow

    Name:Blaze Wing
    Likes:Star Claw
    Family:Light Screamer and Lizzie Tizzie (his mom and dad)
    Best Friends: Star Claw, Firefly Lightstream
    Home:Star Meadow

    Likes:no one
    Family:Star Glime and Musical Star Streamer
    Bff's:Spirit the fox,Cor wolf... (Spirit: Found out what species I am! I did research and found out that I'm a species called a Mystic)
    Home:same place, (our new place) Star Meadow.
    |____| \(°^°)/ |____| B-) :-P
    (°•°) my girl
    (°^°) DON'T
    (°^°) FLIP
    (°^°) DA
    (°^°) TABLE
    |___| \(°^°)/ |____| NEVEH!!!!

    Stay calm and flip on (°^°)/ |____|

    Update: We're starting a new series called Spirit Team Productions Presents:Friend Dares


    Ships (yes I'm trying these ship things now)

    Spirit X Ray
    Blaze WingXStar Claw

    UPDATE: I have a YouTube Channel!!!! I haven't been on much cause of making videos and school, especially school. But I'm gonna try to upload more, so stay tuned and please be patient :) Stay Fresh everybody!

    UPDATE UPDATE: I have an Arts and OCs Amino account now, so if you have/getting the app you can follow me if you want. Username: Epurple1234

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