• I'm smilekitten23 but only call me smilekitten or kitten and I have many ocs or characters
    (1.neyo the main one ranice sister (cat crush Dede)
    (2.raincy neyo sister(cat crush:none at the moment)
    (3.Dede he's a domation dog neyo and ranice friend (dog crush neyo)
    (4.neyo and ranice care tack can you giver her a name(bunny or rabbit)
    (5.bonncei she has a brother who's also half shadow she gets pranked by him a lot but she get along with him fine and she's half shadow(bunny crush:????)
    (6.and me Sammy (not my real name) I am coming soon(human)
    (7.derpen a derpy cat that can be normal every body's friend (cat crush melon)
    (8.melon deepen care taker watches him and makes sure he doesn't get in trouble (wolf)(crush derpen)
    (9.watermelon melon sister and loves her to death and makes sure nobody messes with her or derpen (crush mello animal wolf)
    (10.balon loves dancing and playing pranks on his sister but he get along with her fin (bunny crush:????)

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