Blueberry & Katlynne


  • Hello! Me and blueberry are so happy we found out that we had superpowers all along! I’m ice and blueberry is fire! I have a major crush on jack. He has flight, But anyways blueberry loves dares. So I have a dares series’s. We also have a reality show. Blueberry and I would HATE not having you in our life! You guys make us sooo happy. Thank you for your support. Remember always tell the truth, use kind words, keep your promises, giggle and laugh, be positive, love one another, ALWAYS be grateful, forgiveness is mandatory, TRY new things, say PLEASE and THANK YOU, say your prayers, and SMILE! Real life and internet. We love you all! XOXO Watch our dares and reality shows! We are real showstoppers. Have a great day and night, Toodles!

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