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Hi. I'm Evee and I love COCO PUFFS AND PEBBLES. You can ship me, but in ur opinion :3. My "human-ish" family is basically creepy pasta chr's and horror vid games, that's why I ran away, my HUMAN HUMAN family...I don't want to talk about, and I am from Undertale so yeh. I like to watch Eddsworld, not a love fangirl, and I love video games :P That's why I have a phone that way I can play more REAL GAMES...Also I'm still single and lonely -_-❤️Stay Determined To Make More Animations!❤️ Have a Good Day :3 Samantha is the Bad side of me person thingyish. My Roblox account is XKittendreemurrgirlX, and my YT "XKittenDGirlX. I have no confidence to animate anything so I haven't posted any animations yet, And I draw anime
Crushes: uwu not saying
Also I'm a Humanoid cat, not a furry!!!
Pls no hate >:( nobody needs bs in their life

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