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Commander Carbs

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I am not open-minded. I'm very close-minded, closed to hatred and evil.

Name: Lana (or whatever you want to call me)

Age: 13

Birthday: 3/6/10

signs: Pisces and Tiger

Pronouns: any

Sexuality: Bisexual, female leaning because women are hot.

Certified simp, thigh lover, and tit sucker

Before you follow: I occasionally have vent posts. I swear (a lot) and talk about inappropriate topics at times (rarely).

DNI: Pedos, racists, sexists, transphobic people, zoophiles, Map 'pride'. If you support or do any of these things do not interact with me.

If I ignore your comment it's not because I'm ignoring you. It's most likely because I'm simply at a loss for words and can't come up with anything to say

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