Fenikette (Taking a break atm..☕️☕️☕️)

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Hullo, I make short animations, drawings, doodles, challenges and requests. I hope you like my content!

⭐️This account may have some cursing/swearing content, so if you dont like that kinda thing feel free to click off ^^

⭐️I can do free drawings for whoever request’s it when I can! But please understand that most of the time i’m really forgetful so i apologize if i didnt do your commission.

⭐️If ever you wanna reference one of my animations or artworks that is totally fine! You really dont have to give credit, but i would appreciate it if you would! But im not forcing you, just do whatever your comfortable with I wont complain!

⭐️Sometimes I totally disappear from Anime Maker for maybe more of less than a week, im really sorry bout that. I lose motivation at times and just forget to upload stuff, sorry if every that happens

🌙 Female, Teen and Straight!

🌙My birthday is on the Seventh of October and I am a Libra♎️

🌙You can call me Fenikette, Fen, Feni etc. ^^ again, please do enjoy!

🌟Official Active OCs:🌟

🌟Name: Fen/Fenikette (Main)
Gender: Female
Age: 22
Sexuality: Asexual
Pronouns: She/Her
Creature: Myōbu, (A Kitsune/Fox Messenger that shape shifts)
Overall Personality: Laid-back, Down-to-earth, Witty, Slightly Smug, Chill, Lazy.

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