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- That One Cat -

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Pls don't ask me to follow you

(⚠️ Warning ⚠️: Account contains swear words,
and violence, you've been warned)

( • - •) stay away from my ramen
( • - •)
🥡\\ my ramen
( • . •)
🥡\\i said my ramen!
( - _ -)no one get ramen!
( 0-0)
🥡\\ Hah jk only Alex gets the ramen
-dummy (she wrote this on her acc)
Thnx bb 🥺 -alex

My life goals:
-Have my own tv/yt show
-Get very good at drawing
-Be able to draw hands
-Be able to animate in less than a day
-have my own game
-get a bank account so I can sell merch QwQ
And that's technically it I think

I like to tease
I'm not good at conversations most of the time

People that knew me before can call me (if they want):

Age: what's age?
Sex: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Crush: 1
Status: taken💕
Irl name: Wait, what's a name?

100 followers: challenge
200 followers: pick-a-spot
300: extreme requests
400: fanart
500: hugging dares
600: kissing dares
700: oc giveaways (probably)
800: series (comic or just text)
900: recorded QnA
1000: face reveal

Also follow Dummy she's a coot bb💕(really seggzy too)

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