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So a few years ago i was on this app, AND I FOUND THE OLD ACCOUT OMGGGG-
anyway this was my old account😅 ---> " The 3J's "
Aaaaaah i looking back its so funny XDD

Okiiiii now time for some awesome copy and pastes (NOT mine)
Homicidal Liu : So you think you're one of us?

Jane : You think you know our lives?

EJ : That you know our story.

Jane : The things that happened that made us who we are.

Masky : Fascinating how one incident will change someone's life.

Lj : You laugh at our misery.

Hoodie : What happened to me was an accident...

Masky : Now all we have is to drown ourselves in delectable sweets. 🍰

EJ : And the blood and organs of people.

BEN : We've all been through a terrible fate.

Sally : But we still have dreams.

Slenderman ~ I wish I could change.

Ticci Toby : I want to be myself again.

Homicidal Liu : I want my brother back.

Jeff : I miss Liu.

Lj : Laughing isn't fun anymore.

Hoodie : I - I wish I could smile again...

Ticci Toby : I want these voices in my head to leave me alone!!!!!

Slenderman ~ I never meant to hurt those children.

BEN: I tried calling for help, but people feared me instead.

Sally : You have no idea who we are, or, what we've experienced.

Jeff : Because we're different, in an insane way.

Jane : So have a seat, we'll tell you everything.

Hoodie : Then maybe you'd understand...


Normal ppl wouldn't ever go into the woods at night,
we go searching for Slenderman.
Normal girls freak out over a broken nail,
we freak out over a broken knife.
Normal ppl ask 'why did you do that?' ,
we say 'you shouldn't have done that'.
Normal ppl say go to hell,
we say GO.TO.SLEEP.
Normal ppl say Link,
we say BEN Drowned.
Normal ppl think Jeff is ugly,
we think he is beautiful.
Normal ppl say cannibal,
we say Eyeless Jack.
Normal ppl say go die in a hole,
we say you've met with terrible fate.
Normal girls want pink hair,
we want singed black hair.
Normal girls put on lipstick for a beautiful smile,
we carve one.
Normal girls wear makeup,
we wear masks.
Normal ppl think Smile dog is scary,
we think he is cute.
Normal ppl say 'Repost this',
we say 'Spread the word'.
Normal ppl say stalker,
we say Slenderman

(Yeah, i edited this one.)


In honor of Ben, name all your gaming files as his name

In honor of Jeff, always smile not matter what happens.

In honor of Slenderman, remember that everything is not what it seems.

In honor of Masky and Hoodie, be nice to the shy kids.

In honor of LJ, take nothing serious and laugh alot.

In honor of EJ, be yourself, no matter how strange you are.

In honor of Jane, fight for whats right.

In honor of Sally, remember that you never grow up and you always have a child inside.

Update please don't look at my older drawings because some of them i highly despise, but i can't delete them.Thank you uwu


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