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Hi, I would like to make many friends here!! ^^
(Ps, Please respect my opinions as I will respect yours! Under a few conditions, I wont be supporting specific opinions, such as homophobia or racism. I do not tolerate any behavior such as those.)

‼️10+ (Swearing etc ‼️)

DM me here,
My discord ^

Here are my other socials,
Roblox ( Ferenchfri )
Minecraft ( private for now. )
Nintendo ( Ferenchfri )
Spotify ( Ferenchfri<3 )

I am interested in Mcyt (I am a total addict ꒰ˊ• ·̭ •̥ ꒱ )
Music, Drawing and people in general! everyone is interesting and cool in their own way:)

Things to know about me vv
Gender : still thinking about it.
Pronouns : (any ^^ )
Sexuality : Pansexual
🇵🇭 ( I am Filipino:) )
I am an Asian-American.
Zodiac : Libra ♎️:’)
uh cats, frogs, bunnies, and parrots are pretty damn cool ngl
mcyt addict👹

Here are some musics I recommend and my ratings for them !!
(most of these are mcyt and jack stauber but whatever (•ー•) )
- One day (LoveJoy) (inf/10 this got stuck in my head for a month:D)

- Sex Cells (LoveJoy) (10/10 pretty damn good!)

-Cause For Concern (Lovejoy) (9/10 *c l a p s*)

-Your New Boyfriend (Wilbur Soot) (10000/10 AHAJWJ AMAZINGG PREFORMANCE WILBUH)

-Im In Love With An E Girl (Wilbur Soot) (10/10 catchy, very catchy.)

-The Internet Has Ruined Me (Wilbur Soot) (100000/10 Genuinely just a great song.)

-Jubilee Line (Wilbur Soot) (20/10 this just makes me happy)

-Saline Solution (Wilbur Soot) (7/10 good, but not really)

-Blitz (Technoblade) (10/10 for a song made 3 or 4 years ago, its amazing.)

-Hamantha (Jack Stauber) (8/10 CATCHYYY)

-peppermint (Jack Stauber) (9/10 idk if I got the name right but its good!)

-Buttercup (Jack Stauber) (10/10 classic)

-Oh Klahoma (Jack Stauber) (8/10 banger)

-Roadtrip (Dream) (10/10 catchy)

-Mask (Dream) (inf/10 absolutely obsessed)

I will not make free fanarts UNLESS I have the motivation and if I feel good enough, If u ask me for one and I say no, if I remember I might make it later. I will answer ANY questions if you’d like !! Call me bunnie or bxnnie :) . #StopAsianHate.

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