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Your Old Friend GoldieCupcake

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Hello Peeps how are you, good Hopefully!
Q: What’s your full name? / A: I don’t want to answer that
Q: How are YOU? / A: Good
Q: Friends? / A: A good amount
Q: Crush? / A: none, already with a bitch
Q: Children? / A: I have a annoying dog does that count?
Q: You depressed? / A: no #PostiveMentalAttitude
Q: You mad bruh? / A: No.
Q: You happy? / A: Yesh
Q: What a food that you probably should of not ate? / A: Probably a banana ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Q: Will there be more questions in the future? / A: Maybe

Hi old friend.

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