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—(••÷[ ԹҽԵíԵҽ・ԹɑղϲɑƘҽ ]÷••)—(Aka: Twizzler)

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( ̄∇ ̄)•I is a terrible drawer
•I am a weeabo, I watch too much Naruto
•Im a Potterhead
•I am not a furry
•Gaara has a big forehead// Gaara: I WILL PUT YOU IN A SAND COFFIN!
•Sakura is useless until Shippuden// Sakura: CHA!
•Naruto dies in Boruto(Sorry, I just had to spoil it ;-;)
•Sasuke is edgy like his OP bro
•I am a female
•I am a shorty
•I shall not tell you my age
•Neji dies but I forgot when
•Albus Serverus Potter is a....uhhh....wierd name
•Scorpius is the Cursed child!

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