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-Kasimir or Winter-

Bayverse sentinel is mine, back off grrr grrr barks hiss 👹


-Demiboy, Omnisexual, Demisexual-
-Interested in Transformers(especially Bayverse, G1, and Robots in Disguise), Marvel, Encanto and many more-

Main Fandoms: Transformers, Marvel.
Main OCs: Doodle Man, Soulless, Sylvester, Kasimir, Carmen. StarDust, AzureBlues
Main Characters: Sentinel, IronHide, Drift, Tony Stark, Ratchet, Megatron (Both bayverse and tfp)

Aesthetic: All of them at this point
Main ones: Grunge, Indie, SpaceCore, WitchCore, Hello Kitty, Dark and Light Academia, Vintage.

AUs: Transformers Marvel AU, Zombie Apocolypse AU, School AU, Past-Cybertron AU, Kids AU, Swap AU, Haunted House AU, Experiment AU, Survivor AU, New Generations AU, Village AU, City AU, Royale AU, Forgotten AU, Villian Collection, Etc.

I rlly love plants-
I own alot of them :>

{Currently fanboying over TFP Meg's, RiD Drift, Bayverse ironhide, BumbleBee, Drift Ratchet, Stinger, Optimus and Sentinel}

-Pfp is TFP Starscream, sharing w/ Fender and Ace <<33-

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