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Trash can (Portal 2 Trash)
Cubby :3
Kittykatty/ kittytaker/ autistic girl/
Freddo fazbear
Wink The Emotion Cat
Its the hard-knock life
Hehehee is meh fav laugh
I never got bullied
Pizza and cupcake is my fav food
Animemaker, fnaf, undertale, Mario, granny, comic creator, hungry pumpkin, and roblox are my fav games
I sometimes play t or d
My dream is to become famous
I have a YouTube channel but don't ask what it is
The amazing world of gumball, unikitty, spongebob squarepants, Steven universe , and paradise run
Are my fav shows
My channel, Denis, sub, Alex, sketch, dantdm, redhatter, and ihascupquake are my fav channels
Rules that u should listen to:
Don't copy my Q and A
Don't copy my drawings
Don't copy my account
Don't copy the same description
Don't say ur my friend or u know me when u don't and ur not

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