ʝơɛყ ɖཞɛῳ ♡´・ᴗ・`♡| Ɩąཞཞყ ɬɧɛ ʟѧṃƿ| ƙɛɖąɱơŋơ


  • useless info:

    Hello. I mainly role play on this account as Joey Drew from BATIM if you haven't noticed. Oh, and BTW, I don't act like this normally, just a warning.

    things I like (aka fandoms): Pokémon, dhmis, htf, undertale, homestuck, Hamilton the musical, bendy and the ink machine, popee the performer and Heathers the musical :DDDD

    B-day: Jan 6th! (Three Kings Day for some)

    Animal jam account: catdogmosse (playing for 3 years)
    AJ Play Wild: catdogmosse (playing since late beta)
    ROBLOX: LeonardTheLamp (4 years old!)
    Wattpad: @DiGiTaL_dAnCiNg (my personality is kinda different there)
    DA: somethingcoolandhip (what am I doing with my life) old DA: Cringee (I was pretty "cringy") Older DA: too embarrassing to even talk about
    Mini carnival: name rn: B3NDY. Most noticeable user name: TOYFOXYXD (I was a HUGE fnaf fan) I have like 4111 followers (no joke. need proof? I might do something about it on my DA.)
    More info: I try to role play, but it ends up super awkward, so RP with me at your own risk! The only thing I draw as of typing this is bendy and the ink machine fan art and maybe OCs. I also have no life! ;u;
    obsessions: BENDY. JUST BENDY. and Boris kinda I'm not so sure.
    Q: how did you join this app??
    A:I just randomly found it.
    lazytown is best anime))))
    Etc.: dhmis trash, eddsworld trash and batim trash.


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