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Hello ] favorite colors(Moroon black light-green and blue and green)personality fun sad happy caring) hates-murders-winter)favorite animals( headchogs pandas wolfs)friends only no one sadly) favorite song all my friends are heathens take it slow by 21piolots) (most of my life is sad sadly) we’ll shoot ur about to see my crush and hope she doesn’t read this yet
Nvm she already read it

K ima randomly say my birthday is July 25th

Lol if anyone reads this a have the biggest CruSh oN KiTKaT: but she changed her name to Kay Kay@.!39-!:2&/!4$2&.!3&/&;10/&389/:’ (/0//_//0//)______________

My oc’s = Jack crush no one
Darkim’s crush is happy ghost
Happy faces crush is no one soo far

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