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ZombieEddie / кυяαgαяι

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This is my old account, new account *was* кυяαgαяι but I got logged out and couldn’t get back in

I won’t use this app very often but I wanted to check it out again. If I get logged out oh well. If anyone remembers my кυяαgαяι account feel free to say hi.

All I gotta say is I’ve definitely improved after the time I was gone

Anyways I’m Eddie, but you can also call me Zombie.
I go by he/him but they/them is fine too
I love the twd game, and even though I’m on team violet I still love Louis sm. My favorite characters are; Lee, Kenny, Violet, Louis, Tripp, Paul/jesus, AJ, Javier, clementine ofc, and uhh I forgor the rest I’ll update this later

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