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Hello!I'm tsuyu,You can dare me and I'll do free requests for everyone as long if you follow me.Im a kpop fan and I love anime,furries,ramen,drawing,good friends etc.
(^_^)rn I'll be busy from school and tagt means I won't be online every time,but if you want to know more about me here you go:
Real name:
Mel but just call me tsuyu >:)
13 yrs old
Fave color:
I kinda like blue but I also like back and white
Other questions,comment and I'll answer you very soon..
I will love to have at least 150 followers because I will never be noticed haha (;_;)
But I will follow back I sWeAr :,)

Requests,Q&A and Dares are available from now on ..
More things than hugs coming soon..

:) follow if you love someone
If not,you're not hooman ;0

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