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Hello, Its me Mangle. This is my spare account. I made this account in case my original account is deleted. I'm useless and worthless. My goal is to get 60 followers here. Info:

Name: Ukie
Age: 11 but turning 12
Gender: Female
Live: Australia (I live in a spot where it snows) XP
Favourite stuff: FNAF, Undertale, Minecraft, Animal jam, Roblox, LDShadowLady, APARRI, and kindness.
Favourite song: Jenny and Pity Party
Favourite movie: Max and probably "A Dogs Purpose" (Once I see it)
Favourite colours: Black, White, and gray. (Actually not pink lol)
Dislikes: Steven Universe, Foxy X Chica shippers, Chica, bullies, and Wisteriamoon.
Favourite food: Probably ice cream
Favourite animal: Fox and wolf
Least Favourite animal: Probably Sloth and Terrier dog.
Drawing skills: Below 0% (I'm horrible at drawing)
Favourite game: FNAF!
Favourite animatronic: Mangle and Lolbit
Crush on Animal jam: Eh, nobody cares about me on there.
Pets: Roxy, Beebee, Daisy, Hurley, Holly, and Buttercream. (5 dogs 1 rabbit)
Deviant art: Xx Snowy wolf Xx
Animal jam: Snowwolf2525
Roblox: Snowolf2525
YouTube: Mangle Fox (I'm going to get a new channel soon)
I'm getting more social media apps soon.
If you like to know more about me just ASK. Bye for now. ^_^

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