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Dragon Animations

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Hi I’m dragons and I love art music and more and I want to be a animator when I grow up and I want to let you guys all know I wouldn’t be here without anyone here at all and thank you all for being awesome and amazing and cool and smart and creative with all your art works!!! (^w^) and if I’m not here all the time I’m might be going on a adventure or something idk
About me:
Age: none of your business
Likes: EddWorld,art,mangos,music,dragons,
Dislikes: skirts,high heels,spiders,
Crush: idk
Football team: Dallas Cowboys ⭐️
Pets:Nightmare (my devil dog)
Likes:Jurassic park movies,tacos,balloons, Pewdiepie
Dislikes:T-series, cats,
Pets: none
My bff’s:
Rex,jay,kimchip,weirdo girl,boi,L1m3,MineMaster

Dicord: Dragon Animations #4925
Roblox: Dragon Ainmations657

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