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We’re killing the Earth and that’s really "fun"🍃🍂
No one believes us because we are young🙍‍♀️🙍‍♂️
Our forests are turning to ash in a second🔥🔥🌋
Ask California, they’ll tell you about it🔥

They’ll tell you 'bout how they’ve lost all there homes🏚🔥
While Trump turns a blind eye and tweets on his phone: "Global warming's an expensive little hoax"📰📲
For the last time, this is not a joke🚫

Our factory’s are working and toxins emitting☢⚠️
The Ozone is crumbling and we won’t stop putting Chemicals in what we’re trying to breath🗣💨
Our future in stolen and we are the thieves💲💰

Sea levels are rising and icebergs are melting🌊
The coral reefs are dying and no one is helping🛑
Do you realize they keep the ocean alive?🏖
This started back in 1985🖤

Don’t come to me when your child cant think💭
Of what a tiger is 'cause they're extinct🐅☠
Don’t cry to me when your fur coat ain’t clean👘
The endangered list is now 41,416☠⚠️

Dear 2045,🌏
I don’t think we’re gonna survive☠🔥
If you end up hearing this story📒
I just wannna say:
I’m sorry💔
Schwauhabwhee :)

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