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Mimi's Toonz --☆

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#cartoonlife 🟧✏🟩💥🟨

☆- Hi animemaker people, call me Mimi !

[ You can use any pronoums (he/she/they), but I do have a preference for they/them ^^" ]

> I love drawing (duh), procrastinating, quiet places, nature, videogames, horror novels, comics and ofc, animation <3

> I hate drama and imperfect work so I'm counting more on quality instead of quantity, and I try my best to be respectful (despite me)!

> Shows & games I like: South Park, OK-KO, Minecraft, Splatoon 2, Toontown Rewritten

> Instagram: batz_222

☆- Hope you enjoy my content ! -☆

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