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Hello guys I'm Oof. And no im not a roblox noob. I hope you like the animations I created.
And I just have to say I LOVE PIZZA! So when pepole say "what should I draw." I say "me eating unlimited pizzas." I even made a animation of me eating unlimited pizzas. Me and Jjparty08 are great buddies.
I've know him for years. Well that's all I wanted to say.
Have a Oofy day 😁!

40 followers: draw a dog in underpants
50 followers: give a shout out to all my followers
60 followers: do a fancy dance
70 followers: give my guy a mustache then the mustache disappears 10 days later
80 followers: have a chicken head for a whole week
90 followers: get a new hat for 65 days
100 follower: _________________ (you pick what I should do)

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