Cute pie


  • Ok,hear me out.

    I like everyboday!!!!lets go now.

    Q:whats your name?
    A:my name is Mike
    Q:what is your surname?
    A:rather not tell
    Q:what gender are you?
    A:im a male
    Q:what color do your eyes have?
    A:wtf...they have a pink color
    Q:what is your position?
    A:its healty and sexy *wink,wink*
    Q:do you like anybody?
    A:i like Dema
    Q:do you have a family?
    A:if i dont even have a girl
    Q:do you have pets?
    A:yes i have 2 cats. Fluffy and Isabela
    Q:what is your opinion of Animemaker?
    A:its good
    Q:what is your love life?
    A: *face slap*
    Q:are you pregnant?
    A:wth those that mean.IM A BOY
    Q:do you like me?
    Q:what age are you?
    A: (you ask that now?) Im 14 yrs old
    Q:are you stupid?
    A:no,but you are
    Q:who are your ocs?
    Q:what is your fav series?
    A:its Santa Clarita Diet
    Q:who are your best friends?
    A:they are x123Monster,lol girl <3, demo the wolf and FnafUndertaleYa (if you wanna be my friend,comment on any of my animes and i will put you on my friends list)

    Now bye BBBBBYYYYYYEEEEEE!!!!!!!! ☆~☆

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