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Hi, my name is Jordyn. But pls don’t call me that. I recommend going by my username, “Lemony” or “Lemony Toons.”
My pronouns are, They/Them. You don’t have to use them though.
Also, im pansexual. And I probably draw too
My current interest is, Stranger Things, Mandela Catalogue, Wii deleted you, Omori, and Attack On Titan, Adventure Time, and The Beatles. And, yes. I still love adventure time. :)
I don’t really know what else I like- 💀
Also, I’m a minor. Anyways, that’s basically all I gotta say. (EDIT: Y’all .Pls, DON’T give out your account to anyone on this app.)
My main oc: Leon
Sex: bi (prefers male tho)
Age: Idrk yet
Fav: Drawing, writing, dancing probably and music ig
Hates: just stuff that’s y’know annoying and harmful to people
Discord: Basil (Omori)#0044
If it doesn’t work try, “LemonyToons#0044”
If you want anything else such as Twitter and YT then, just put, “LemonyToons.” I use this name on everything so, just look that up.
(I’m just gonna stay pan for now^^’)

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