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Heya, reader of my profile bio!
I'm a normal guy on Anime Maker,
trying to practice drawing.
I usually like drawing JToH towers, I enjoy
playing that game a lot.
If you're wondering more about me,
I'm an owner of a JToH fangame called
BToD. I will also draw BToD towers here.
I usually draw using a stylus and on a phone,
but I used to draw with my fingers, and infact,
I still sometimes do.
I'm learning how to compose good music, and I'm doing pretty well. When I finish a decent track, I'll link it here.
I'll follow you if you ask me, I don't mind
following everyone.
Also, my old stuff I USED to draw here
will stay here. Thanks for reading,
and enjoy my content.

- low quality tocr

If you're wondering about my pfp, it was drawn by Statrascope on twitter. Go follow them.

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