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🎵🎶YeAhH, Do MaH OwN GiRls HeRE
Wit Da BiG BuTts, 00
ShaKiNg It LiKE We
aT DA StrIp CluB, 00
ReMeMBer OnLy GoD CaN JudGe
'Ya, ForGeT Da HatErs Cuz
SoMeBoDY LuVz 'YAAhHh🎶🎵 00

-call me Rita/Riri
I am
I am your
I am your demon
I am your demon💕
I am your demon💕✨
I am your demon💕
I am your demon
I am your
I am
Paws Feet
Paws Feet Hands
Paws Feet
I am..

😇😈 I am your Demon/Angle
I am the twinkle in your eye ✨👁
🎶🎵👂👂I am the music to your ears
I am the lock to your heart🔑🔐🔓❤️
And you?..well...
💖💕✨Your my everything ✨💕💖
-copy and paste this if you love your followers!-

Female: yes
Male: yes
( •^•)>🍙 Here's my rice ball, if you want it..
( 'w')^ have a wonderful day!
🍪Cookie Monster🍪

Your pretty good at animating!..
Draw me like your french...
➖〰➖ 👌🏿
👉✨Gm and gn✨👈

Oh mY OH My ㅇㅅㅇ
👁I sEe WiT My LitTle EyE👁

Nyah I don't purrh
(Get it? "Nyah" instead of "nah"?)
Me-ow, I hurt my paw!!
(Get it? "Me-ow"???)
I need a Mawbulance, rq!
(Get it? X3 I love making cat puns)

I 💖
I love ✨
I love my 💕
I love my followers
I love my followers, ty!
I love my followers
I love my 💕
I love ✨
I 💖

^ . _ .^
( ㅇㅅㅇ )
meow! ➖〰➖
Name: Fawn
Gender: yes
Interested in: yarn ball, fire, knifes and chainsaws---
Dislikes: water, 4 horned demon----and dæmin (they hunt goats)
. .
(Kat)Meow meow
(Kat) Purrrh~
(Henry)Kat said "Follow on this page!"
Pooch: I agree
Murr.Kit: Same
Henry: mhm

Already followed or not, you'll get snacks
🍏🍎🍊🍐🍋🍌🍉🍇🍓🍑🍒🍈🍍🌶🍅🍆🌽🍠🍯🍞🧀🍗🍖🍔🍤🍳🍟🌭🍕🍝🍲🍥🌮🌯🍜🍣🍱🍛🍘🍙🍚🍢🍡🍧🍰🍨🎂🍦🍮🍬🍭🍫🍿🍩🍻🍺🍪🍷🍸🍹🍾🍵☕️🍶🍼🍽🍴 there's plenty more foodies then that!
🍖🍤🍳🍞🍒🍒🍇🍈🍋🍊🍚🍡🍥🍬🍽🍴🍼🍼🍼☕️🍺🍺🍺🍪🍋🍌🍋🍏🍋🍔🍕🍕🍕🍲🍲🍲🌯🍚🍲🍱🍱🍱🍛🍙 okay, enjoy this meal! One by one

Poem time:
Roses are red
Like this red apple
The apple fell
Bc you were ugly.
Another poem:
Violets are blue
That isn't right,
You made them blue
Bc of your face.
Uh..another poem?:
You look sweet
Sure, your like candy
Wait a minute
Your lemon flavored, yucky.
Well all these poems are trash,
So Ima tell you a joke:
Why did the goat drink the honey?
Bc he was feeling hongry (get it? Hungry but with Hon? Bc Honey has Hon in it?)
(XD honey puns)

Species: wingless dragon
Backstory: ?¿unknown¿?

My animes are here!
Just below the other stuff..--see you there!
She had the apple bottom jeans (jeans)
Boots with the fur (with the fur)
She had the whole club looking at her---
SaCrIfiCE tHE DEmoN OOOH (uptown funk)
Goat and sheep: meeeihh?


What others hear:
What I hear:

100followers( ➖〰➖) mm..
100followers(O〰 O ) wha--
(,'.){';) {.' )."
100followers( O ^ O ) -mind blown-

Seriously, how many more followers does this person need?

( ➖〰➖)>[wow congrats 100followers!🎉🎊] -comments-
( ///O ^ O)^. -sees comment- [thanks, you too]
( ^〰^)>[oh, thanks?]
-deletes anime-
( o - o) ...
( ➖〰➖) mm..

There are my animes
|| ok, bye--
\/ see you in my animes!

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