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💠🌀Animedoge🌀💠 (in AAA)

Gender: male
I’m straight :v
| OC’s: Xavier (me), Kress, Sckart, HIM (writing more soon ;0;)
See ya’ll in anime’s!

Friends list >:3



~peace and war~

Vayor (absolutely epic at drawing)



Owner of cats •#blacklivesmatter•

A can of blue beans


🎄Cream Soup🎄

Close friends:

A cute cyan boi


K1tty (there long gone) :(

Howdy :) (I draw spooky things)

I will also do a story from time to time that (if you’re fast enough) can get into

Roblos: XDElectricSignal

Bruh, PG keep it clean 9ō_ō9

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