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It's Swerp here
Here is a Q&A of me
Q:who's ur wifau??
A:Mang Mang
Q:who's ur crush??
A: urrrr....... nvm
Q:What's ur Gender??
Q:what sexuality r u??
Q:when's ur bday??
A:27 November
Q:what's ur name irl??
Q:do u have any mental illnesses??
A:depression,anxiety and ADHD
Q: where do u live??
A: England
Q: which country were u born in??
Q:what language do u speak??
A: 100% Polish 100%English 100% Swedish 50% Spanish 30% Hawaiian 20% Japanese 10% French
Q&A of Swerp
Q:how old r u??
Q:what animal are u??
A:fennec fox
Do u have any siblings on here??
A: ye moonlight -she is not rlly- but Swoosie is and some of my other sisters are joining soon
Q:who is ur wifau??
A: Mang Mang
Q:who's ur crush??
A: .........nvm.........
Q:where are u from??
A:where Ashlyns from
Q:what languages do u speak??
A:what Ashlyn speaks
Q:can I have a waffle and a pancake??
A:sure *hands a pancake and waffle* hope u like it
A:what... that's not a question...
Q:what do u like??
A:everything really
Q:do u have any mental illnesses??
A:depression,anxiety and ADHD
Q:are u done yet??
A:that's rude and yes I am
Also #SaveTrans #TransSquad #FuckDonaldTrump
That's it for now
Swerpers love u all especially my followers

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