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YourLocalPaleoartist354™️ (Road to 300)

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Hello guys its me, formerly known as DrawingSanwich354, at least in this app, i use the username in other places.
You can call me YLP

For those of you who don’t know, a paleoartist is someone who draws prehistoric creatures to give a more accurate perspective of them to others ( for you to understand, i draw dinosaurs…)

I make all my PFPs

I really dont know what to say. Uhh…l am a very big dinosaur and godzilla fan.I draw w iPad Air, but some of my first posts were finger-drawn. I am the proud creator of the DHL, which is an interactive program in which the community can create their own hybrids, later being showcased in other artworks. Currently, this program has basically died, but I am planning a reboot. Specialize in Paleoart and Godzilla artwork. Mostly kid-friendly. Ive been in the app since 2018, posting since January 19, 2021. Ok, i did know what to say.

Roblox: YourLocalPaleoartist @DrawingSanwich354

Discord: DrawingSanwich354#- yeah like I’m ever gonna tell you my Discord

I have a DeviantArt called YourLocalPaleoartist. Currently, i haven’t posted anything as i haven’t gotten confirmation that i could, but i might soon! If i do, it would be a great opportunity to show you all the artworks i have made on Procreate. I just have one itty bitty tiny rule: you ABSOLUTELY CANNOT mention this app over there.

I speak Spanish and English 🇵🇷
Age: 13
Gender: straight male
*Creator of the DHL* if you support it, place “member of the DHL” in your bio, NOT your username.

🦖Leader of the AM Dinosaur Group. If you would like to join, put this in your bio!🦕

Dont try to teach me what i already know :)

NOTE: The DHL is a DS354 original creation and should be addresed as such, otherwise could be considered copyright infrigment. Thank you.

Alan (his birthday is on Jan. 21, 2021)
Tony (his birthday is on Sep. 16, 2021)
The DHL creatures (sort of)
Monsterverse Reboots/Mechs (sort of)
The SushiDude and Friends characters (sort of)
My DS354 dinosaur skins

So dont plagiarize cuz i will know

Also i make a Pick a Spot every time we hit 100 followers (RIP 200 followers PAS)

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