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Atharv the Earth kingdom boy

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i eat rock to be like rock
just dont be like meπŸŒšπŸ‘»O_o(ΞΈβ€ΏΞΈ)
._____-// \\___./////////////////////

lots of rocks to play with......

That was my introduction in stone age but now our kingdom has expanded up to space and we would find some cool places like moon but our next target is on mars so stay tuned until we get there ......


------------------------------------------ */_\
---------------------------------------//___ //
-----------------------------/___/___ //__\

Me at home :I like science
Me at school: I don't like science....

recently there was an attack in my earth kingdom but we fought back and recaptured our city.
Now the city is in hand of earth kingdom and we will visit mars also.

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