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Wen Ni !!

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Welcome to my page !!

-Used to be: Mammon’s wife ( Wen Ni )

-Pronouns: She/her

-Is a child below 14 !!

If you support or do the following stay 10 feet away from me :

-Y@g@mi Yat0, Xa1d, and K1ng @k1ra
-Sexual harassment/r4p3
-Mike Rodick, and that one guy who I forgot πŸ—ΏπŸ—Ώ
-Fake sexualities such as: dreamsexual, animesexual, etc !!
-Fetishizing mlm !!
-Transphobia and homophobia
-And way more !!

Top kinz:

-Rika Kawai ( Wonder Egg Priority )
-Saiki Kusuo ( The Disastrous Life of Saiki K )
-Ram ( Re:Zero )
-Yuri ( Doki Doki Literature Club )
-Maki Zenin ( Jujutsu Kaisen )
-Tsukishima Kei ( Haikyu!! )
-Akaashi Keiji ( Haikyu!! )
-Haruhi Fujioka ( Ouran Highschool Host Club )
-Armin Arlert ( Attack on Titan )
-Haruno Sakura ( Naruto )
Anime or mangas that are my current fave !!

-Chainsaw man
-Starving anonymous
-Oyasumi PunPun
-Wonder Egg Priority
-Rent a Girlfriend
-Jujutsu Kaisen
-Death Note
-Junji Ito

Some of my socials :

-Discord: Wen Ni!!#2268
-Osu!: Wen_Ni
-Genshin Impact: 631239748
-Wattpad: MxntallyUnstablx

Please do not steal my artwork or ideas, I work really hard for them, and for someone to claim it’s theirs is just straight up wrong and disgusting. Please ask for permission

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