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A bit about myself:
- 老人家他滴狗
- birthday: November 10
- I don’t have a English username… but my username translated to English is old man’s dog, it’s not even a name, isn’t it=/
- And yeah, to make people more easy to remember, I make the name shorter, 老人家/ Old man.
- I draw because it’s fun for me, I don’t care if it’s ugly!
- I am weird…
- Didn’t learn basic art skills (like the shade, human body size and color thingy), so I can’t draw good! (don’t even expect a good drawing from me=((

Something I want to say:
- Please not negative comment on my post, cause I don’t think you really should waste your time on this=/
- If you comment some stuff and I didn’t reply, not because of I don’t like you, I’m just don’t know what I’m supposed to respond =((…

- I have a instagram account that post drawing I’ve done in other app
- I have a twitter account that post it too
( Hah! U really think I’ll tell u what my account name is? Huh? Oh… you didn’t? Ohhh okay… then… QAQ)

Mr. D( I still thinking of what is the whole name…)

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